Where’s the Epi-Pen?

We were on our way to have dinner with friends who live about 30 miles from us. We were on our way, the kids weren’t screaming, and everything was going perfectly! Until….

“Honey, I forgot to grab the epi-pen. Please tell me you grabbed it.” Nope. We were almost 30 miles from home and no epi-pen in sight. Bryan and I both usually have one that we keep with us at all times even when Davyn isn’t around. One of us always grabs an epi-pen. We are usually so prepared when it comes to Davyn’s food allergies.

We were 5 minutes out from our destination and decided to go on. We knew that our friends were very aware of Davyn’s allergies and they had taken precautions to keep all nut products out of her “reach,” but my nerves were still on edge the entire night. I kept looking at Davyn, watching for any signs of a reaction, and we skipped dessert just to be on the safe side, but man was I glad to be home and back within arm’s reach of an epi-pen.

Having a child with food allergies was hard to adjust to at first, but it soon became our norm and it seems mostly effortless now because we have a routine. But, man all it takes is one forgotten epi-pen to instill panic and bring you out of that “allergy routine fog.” We luckily did not need an epi-pen that night, but a wake-up call to refresh your fear is never a bad thing when it comes to your child’s life.

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