TUTORIAL: Kids Lounge Pants


For this size 5 pair of lounge pants, I used ¾ yard of fabric and 20 inches of ¾ in. elastic. The length of your elastic will depend on your child’s waste size. Cut your elastic so that it is the same measurement as your child’s waist.

Kids Pants Tutorial

You’ll want to get a pair of pants that fit your child like you want these new pants to fit. Don’t worry if the length is off as you can add or subtract length in making your pattern.

Turn your “pattern” pants inside out and fold them in half.

Fold over your fabric and lay your pants on top of the fabric at the fold.

kids lounge pants tutorial

Cut the fabric leaving space for the hem, waist line, and seam allowance. I leave about a 3/8 seam allowance 1 inch above the waist for waistband and ½ to 1 inch for hem. This is absolutely a personal preference and can depend on the size elastic you use.

kids lounge pants tutorialTake that same piece of fabric and use that to cut your second piece to the same specs.

Once you have both pieces cut, lay them on top of each other, right sides together.

kids lounge pants tutorial

Sew along the crotch seam on each side.

Leaving the pants inside out, turn the pants so that the crotch seams line up.

kids lounge pants tutorial

Sew from the inside seam of one leg straight through to the inside seam of the other leg.

Now flip the pants right side out.

You will need to create a casing for your elastic. Fold your waistband fabric ¼” and sew a straight stitch. Fold over and additional 1” and stitch, leaving a small opening to feed your elastic through the casing

Hook a safety pin to the end of your elastic and feed the elastic through your casing.

Once you have completely fed your elastic through, you will need to sew the 2 ends of your elastic together with a 1 inch overlap and then close your casing.

Kids lounge pants tutorial

At this point, I like to try the pants on my little to make a more accurate hem. Pin the pants to your desired hem length.

Sew your hem and you are done!

Candyland Kids Pants Tutorial


*Please note – while this fabric is not actually considered safe for sleepwear, it will work perfectly for lounge pants.

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