Tony’s Town Square Restaurant – Walt Disney World

On Saturday night we had reservations to eat at Tony’s Town Square restaurant, located on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. The restaurant adjoins and shares a split lobby with Mickey’s Town Square Theater. I won’t lie; I originally chose this restaurant because they had tiramisu on the dessert menu. Hey, if momma’s not happy, nobody’s happy, right? I am so glad that I made these reservations.

Tony's Town Square Lobby

The restaurant had a Lady and the Tramp theme, which I love. After all this is where they shared that romantic plate of spaghetti. There was a television in the lobby playing the iconic movie which made our short wait a little more magical. Our table was located in the sun room, where the windows were adorned with a lady and the tramp stained glass picture. We had a window seat that overlooked Main Street. It was beautiful. They do have porch seating which is right outside of the sunroom. I think I’d like to sit outside next time to fully take in Main Street’s beauty while we eat, but the sunroom is a great air conditioned or heated option and I highly recommend it.

Tony's Town Square View

Make sure you get Lady and the Tramp’s autographs. You can ask your host(ess) or waiter (waitress) for Lady and the Tramp’s autograph and she will bring it back for you! How cool!

Lady and the Tramp Autograph

When making a reservation online with a Disney restaurant, there is a place to input any allergen information along with your reservation. When we were seated at our table, we were given both the standard menu as well as an allergy friendly menu. We didn’t even have to ask for it. Again, Disney, you rock!


B ordered the steak and I ordered the Pasta Primavera with chicken. D had the allergy friendly cheese pizza. M had a little bit of everything. B’s steak was so tender and the accompanying potatoes and asparagus were cooked perfectly with amazing flavor My pasta was really enjoyable. The chicken was good, not exceptional, but a good accompaniment to the flavorful pasta. The sauce was simple but so good. It is definitely worth trying. I do wish though that I had ordered spaghetti, for the sole purpose of having a plate of spaghetti where Lady and Tramp shared their plate (I know, I know…but I’m a huge fan and it would have made the experience, right?)



For dessert, I of course had the Tiramisu, D had an ice cream sundae, and M had vanilla gelato. All were delicious and perfect way to end our meal. The desserts were good size portions. Had three not been included in the dining plan, we probably would have shared 2 as we left a lot of ice cream and gelato in their bowls.

tiramisu Tony's town squaresundae tony's town quare restaurantgelato disney world

When the waitress brought our bill, she also brought 3 fast passes to meet Tinkerbell at the neighboring Town Square Theater. I do not know if this is something all diners get or if this was a special type of promotion, but it was definitely a welcome surprise. D had mentioned the day earlier she wanted to go see Tinkerbell, but hadn’t mentioned it again until we were walking into Tony’s.  I think she knew Tinkerbell was right next door.  We told her we would try to go after dinner depending on the wait time. But with the fast passes, we were able to go with a bare minimum wait. Thank you, Disney and Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, for adding a little extra Disney World magic to our trip.

tinkerbell fast passes

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