Silhouette Cutting Fail

sugar and spice shirt

To go along with Davyn’s Candyland themed pants, I wanted to make a “sweet” shirt to match. Davyn and I discussed some different options and this is the one she decided on.

I designed it in Studio and got ready to cut. I cut my materialvinyl - silhouette cut down to the size I will need in order to avoid wasting any. Hey, I can find something to do with that little 1×1 square. 😉

I loaded it into my machine and hit “Send to Silhouette.”

I had my iron on, hot and ready. I was ready to go, until I realized I had NOT mirrored my text. My heart sank. Yes, it’s a quick fix, but remember how much I hate wasting material?


So I mirrored my text, cut more heat transfer material and started cutting, again.

Remember to ALWAYS mirror your text or any directional picture  when cutting for heat    transfer.

Sugar and Spice Shirt silhouette

This time it was correct and I could FINALLY iron it onto the shirt. This outfit turned out perfect for Candyland day at school and the best part? Davyn helped design it and she loved it!

Candyland Pants Sugar and Spice Shirt

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