Running with Grammar

One thing I pride myself on is using correct grammar (for the most part). I remember as a child how my parents always corrected us on our incorrect use of grammar. I HATED it, besides I swore my parents were the only ones. My friends’ parents weren’t horrible correct grammar pushers. Their parents were COOL!

Fast forward….
MY parents were the “cool ones” and they knew what they were doing. And apparently they weren’t the only cool ones.
I am so thankful for their guidance because I realize now how important good grammar is. This is the exact reason I am trying to instill good grammar skills in Davyn now. Key word: TRYING.
I remember one conversation I had with Davyn that went like this:
Davy: I runned, Mommy.
Me: No, you ran. If you’ve ALREADY done it, you say ran, not runned.
Davy: ok. I already runned.
Me: not quite (holding back my laughing at this sassy 2 year old.)
A few minutes later…my dad walks in.
Me: Doodle, tell Poppa what you did.
Davy: I ran and I runned.
Ahhh…progress. Baby steps. I’m trying! ?
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