I took off work an hour early yesterday (rewarding parenting)

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I took off work an hour early yesterday. Just one single hour, yet as the time grew closer to 4 o’clock I felt giddy. You know that giddy feeling you get just before leaving work for a long weekend or heading out on vacation? I was leaving to head out with my oldest daughter on a mommy/daughter date.

Our lives have been hectic lately. We have been so busy, all of us. Between weddings, wedding showers, birthday parties, ball games, an anniversary weekend, and so much more, we have barely had time to spend any quality time together. By the time I get home on a normal weeknight, we have time to get supper ready, eat, bathe, and just a small amount of time for any type of quality time, usually shared or split between our 2 daughters. My momma heart has been craving some one on one time with my big girl and it was finally happening.

I picked D up from her daddy and we headed down to Summerville, about a 30 minute ride. We talked, we laughed.  We discussed important matters, like her upcoming birthday, of course. We sang songs and quoted lines from movies. It doesn’t seem like much but it was perfect.

When we got to Summerville, I dress shopped and she told me exactly what she thought of each dress. She is seriously turning into such a little lady. After dress shopping, we headed out to see Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite Disney movie and D loves it just as much. We ordered large popcorn, way more than we could eat, and 2 drinks to share because we couldn’t decide what we wanted. We whispered about the upcoming movies we might like to see during the previews and we giggled about all the funny things.

It was so nice to get away, just the two of us. I knew she needed some one-on-one time, but what I didn’t realize is how much I needed that one-on-one time. I fall short of being the parent I always imagined I’d be all the time. Sometimes I worry if our children are getting enough quality time with  us or if we are literally running through the motions. But days like this, when I can just stop and enjoy the laughter, make parenting way more rewarding than I EVER imagined it would be.

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