One of those Mornings

Have you ever had one of those mornings?  You know, where everything is going right until it isn’t? That is my life today! I woke up early, I cooked breakfast (not in the microwave..haha), I actually straightened my hair and put on makeup (this is a feat in itself), and completed our normal morning routine all ahead of schedule. And Bryan’s shift started yesterday so he wasn’t home this morning. Hey, this Super Mom thing might work out for me!

We got in the car. I knew I needed gas, but I had time to get both kids dropped off, get gas, and still get to work early! Whoo! Millie got to daycare without a hitch. I pulled into the school and the car rider line hadn’t gotten backed up yet so I was going to be able to breeze through. Yes! D gets out of the car. “My tummy hurts, mommy.” “You’ll be okay, baby. If it still hurts in a little while, you can call me and I’ll come get you.” She goes to walk into the school and then it happened….

My poor girl got sick right there on the sidewalk and by this time, there was a line of cars waiting on me to move so they could drop their kids off too. I scooped her up, put her in the car and went to clean up the mess. Someone else ended up cleaning it up so I could get D home, except I had to go to work. Bryan was at work, 40 minutes away. I knew that me calling out today was NOT an option. Thank the Lord for grandparents. I called my Granny and she said she could watch her. Whew. Grannies are true blessings.

I decided to pull into the gas station on the way to Granny’s as I was now cutting it close on time and I had to go to the other side of town.  I pulled in and their pumps were down! Ahhh…. This cannot be real life. I went on to Granny’s, dropped D off, left and barely made it to a gas station that had working pumps and finally skirted into work by the skin of my teeth. Whew.

What started out as a smooth morning really ended up testing me. I didn’t know what to do and the guilt of not being able to take her home and cuddle up with her got me too. But I am thankful for family; I am thankful for a good school staff that was willing to help in the midst of a trial; and I’m thankful for the rough moments that give me a little extra chance to love on my big girl.

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