Mermaid Girl

Last night after the girls had gone to bed and Bryan was catching up on old Baywatch episodes (yes, Baywatch. Old episodes come on daily on the Pop channel and we have them DVR’d), I decided to work on a new silhouette project.  I’ve determined I still need a bit more practice. When my machine first came in, my vinyl and blank t-shirts had not been delivered yet (I live in a small town with the nearest craft store 40 minutes away. Oh the horror) so I had a few days to play with the software and start working on designs. This was great except that I couldn’t wait to actually start using these designs and seeing if this was actually the right investment.

Last night I was itching to try a few more of my designs out without trying too many at one time. I measured Davyn’s chest width to see exactly what size I wanted to print my next heat transfer design. I configured my settings and it came out smaller than I wanted once I saw it on the shirt. I’m also using an iron for the heat transfers right now and my placement was a little off from where I wanted it, but nothing extreme, maybe no one will notice, right? So I will quadruple check that placement tonight. J Tonight’s project will hopefully go much smoother with my new discoveries. Here is a little peek of Millie’s Shirt.



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