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MAgical First Haircut Disney World

When you become a parent, you start looking for and checking off milestones. First bath, first coo, first tooth, first step, first haircut; so many beautiful moments to look forward to. But did you know that Disney wants to add a little extra magic to one of those moments? Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street in Magic Kingdom offers a very special “First Haircut” package. When I learned of this, I immediately started trying to convince B that M would be ready for a haircut by the time we got to Disney World. It worked and M got to experience a magical first haircut!

M’s haircut was scheduled for 3:30 and while M got her first haircut, D got to watch the parade through the barber shop window; an air conditioned view. Norma greeted M and gave her a Minnie Mouse toy to hold. M loved the Minnie toy and took to Norma right away.

Haircut Toy Minnie Mousem-before2harmony barber shopharmony barber shop


At the end of the haircut, Norma fixed M’s hair and sprinkled pixie dust. Then she placed a Mickey Ear hat embroidered with “My 1st Haircut” on M’s head. She then presented her with a certificate for her first haircut and a clipping of her hair. Norma was so friendly and even suggested a few different shots to get the best pictures.

harmony barber shop first haircut disney world

harmony barber shop

After M was done, D also had her hair cut and pixie dusted. She was also given a toy to hold during the haircut and stickers. D LOVES stickers. When she was all done, she was given some extra “pixie dust” to take home and wear another day. Disney Magic…it’s real, folks!

magical first haircut disney world

haircut harmony barber shop

The staff at Harmony Barbershop was great and while M may not remember her magical first haircut, I will and boy what a great memory! I highly recommend this if you will be in Disney and looking to get your baby’s first haircut or just a haircut for yourself or other little ones.

Magical First Haircut

*M’s first haircut package was $25 and included the Mickey Ears hat, a first haircut certificate, and a clipping of her hair.

*D’s haircut package was $19 and included the pixie dusting.

*They also have an option to just have your hair pixie dusted which is a great option for your little prince or princess.

*They also do adult haircuts and trim beards. Two men were in their having their beards trimmed while we were there and one even said he always gets his trimmed in Disney because no one does it better!

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