Kindergarten Clothes


School started back for us about 3 weeks ago. Davyn is in kindergarten…such a big girl. I was ahead of the game this year, I thought. Back in the spring, I saw an online preorder for back to school outfits so Davyn and I sat down and she picked out her first day of school outfit. Mom-1 New School Year-0. “I am going to rock it in Kindergarten,” I thought. Well there we were the weekend before school started and the outfit had not been delivered and there was no shipping notification from the seller. Panic set in. I called Bryan at work, “We have to get Davyn a back to school outfit and school starts next week. We can go shopping Sunday afternoon.” Of course he agreed and plans were set. We shopped that Sunday and Davyn picked out 3 dresses, one for the 1st day of school and 2 “play” dresses. Whew – that was easy!

But not so fast – we woke up on the first day back of school and everything was running smoothly until it was time to get dressed. “What do you mean you don’t like the dress you picked out 4 days ago?”  “But mom, I want to wear the new skirt you made me last week. It’s so pretty.  Can I wear that today?” Panic subsided-heart melted. Sure you can, my beautiful, loving, sweet, never do anything wrong daughter. I found a shirt that matched and she got dressed and was ready to go. First day of Kindergarten – success for Davyn and even Momma survived getting back into the swing of things. Oh my sweet girl, I hope you have the best year yet!

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