Preparing our Children for Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is quickly approaching the US and many are busy evacuating or buying supplies. I’ve been following the weather diligently and B and I have discussed our plans in the even that this storm does hit SC. But, it wasn’t until B and I were both put on standby to come into work that I realized we needed to include our children in on the planning. Obviously we had made plans for them, but they didn’t know those plans or why they were being made.

M is still too young to understand, but our sweet D is very inquisitive with a sensitive soul. I told her that we would be going to stay with her grandparents this weekend while Daddy works. I told her that if Mommy got called into work too, she and M could have a fun sleepover with her grandparents. Yall, this child LOVES her Mimzy and Poppa and is always asking for sleepovers there, but not this time. She broke down into hysterical crying. She doesn’t really like storms and she had a lot of questions after last years flooding, but she has never had this type of reaction to any storm.  I know “Hurricane” is a scary word to anyone, especially a child, but I assured her that she would be safe.

She didn’t want me to go to work, she wanted to go to work with me, she wanted to stay at our house. My sweet, sensitive girl was so confused and seemed so scared. Ahhh….queue momma tears. Just as we were both getting emotional, she made one final plea to stay home.

D: But Momma, we have to stay home. (sob) I have to be there with Fuzzy.

Me: Honey, it is okay. You can take Fuzzy with you.

D: But mom, I don’t even know where Fuzzy is and by the time I find her the Hurricane will have already messed her up.

I really tried not to laugh. Fuzzy is a stuffed dolphin that my in-laws bought D almost 2 years ago. And if Fuzzy was that important, don’t you think we should know where she is?

But all funnies aside, D and I talked about the definition of a hurricane. We discussed what it could mean for us; what it could mean for others. She was much calmer once she realized that we would all be safe even if we weren’t all together.

Now I’m off to find Fuzzy and pack up for Hurricane Matthew! Y’all stay safe out there!


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