Firefighters deserve extra Sprinkles!

Sprinkle Doughnuts Firemen

I took the girls to visit B at work. We certainly don’t do this as often as we used to or as often as they’d like. When I mentioned going to visit Daddy at work, D asked if we could please stop and get donuts to take to the firemen. Of course, we did. This is something we used to do regularly.  D carefully selected a box of 6 for us to take with us to the station and 6 for us to take home. I noticed the “firemen box” was full of sprinkled donuts and questioned her about it. Her answer brought a smile to my face. Y’all that child can be sassy, but I swear her heart is made of pure gold! ?

Me: Dav, you put all the sprinkle doughnuts in the box for the firemen and only got one sprinkle doughnut for yourself.

D: I know. Firemen work hard for other people so they deserve a few extra sprinkles.

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