Fabric Shopping

I’m so enjoying sewing for the girls that I’m running out of fabric before I can complete all of my ideas. On Sunday, we were at the lake and I knew I wanted to try out a new pattern when we got home so Bryan loaded up the boat and headed home I loaded up the girls and headed 30 minutes past our house to go fabric shopping. When we go there, Davyn wanted to pick out all of the fabrics that I would use on her new outfits. It does a momma’s heart happy when your daughter is excited about you making her clothes and gets excited about picking out all of the fun fabrics. We got home that night (after bedtime) and the girls went to bed. I pulled out all of the new fabrics to show Bryan what all we got and I went to sewing (while the brownies were baking for Davyn’s class snack for the next day) and finished a quick skirt for Davyn and started on a dress for her.  I love fabric shopping too.  It’s like a start to all the ideas of what you can do. Momma can go to bed happy. J

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