Disney World Outfit Ideas

When we started planning our Disney trip, I had in mind exactly what I wanted the girls to wear. I wanted the perfect Disney World outfit for each of us. The problem was I couldn’t find that look anywhere. So I went a different route and decided to make their outfits for our long Magic Kingdom day myself and pick some other items for our remaining days.  Here are some Disney inspired outfits when dressing for Disney World.

I made these Minnie Mouse shirts for both the girls and me with vinyl purchased from Swing Design. I wanted the classic Minnie head for our matching shirts, but D wanted a castle next to the Minnie head. We obviously compromised and put the castle inside the Minnie head.

Disney World Outfit minnie shirt minnie skirt

For M’s Pants, I bought this sweet calico polka dot fabric from Joann’s.  I used the same pattern that I used for these Candy Land themed pants. And how about those sweet Minnie Mouse shoes? They were hand painted and simple to do, however I trusted the lovely Blue Eyed Wren to paint these. (These shoes are actually hand-me-downs from D’s 2nd birthday)

Minnie Pants Minnie castle shirt minnie mouse shoes - Disney World Outfit

D’s outfit matches M’s except she requested a skirt. I used this pattern to quickly put together this sweet Minnie Mouse inspired skirt.

Minnie Mouse inspired skirt - Disney World Outfit

Sweet matching mother-daughter outfits with Dad in coordinating colors.

Family Disney outfits - Disney World Outfit

For our second day out, the girls both wore different Minnie dresses. Poor M with another hand-me down from D’s second birthday party. D is in a Southern Tots classic Minnie Mouse dress. They both make a perfect Disney World outfit.

Disney minnie outfits - Disney World Outfit

If you are going to Disney and plan to dress in Disney inspired clothes for your trip, don’t forget about a Disney themed jacket or sweater for cool mornings and chilly nights.

Disney World OutfitMinnie mouse sweatshirt Disney World Outfit

On the last day, the girls both wore Minnie Mouse shirts from Kohl’s and Old Navy.  The day was spent having lunch at Rainforest Cafe in Disney Springs and traveling home.

minnie mouse shirts

M wore these sweet Minnie Mouse shoes all weekend. Aren’t they the sweetest?


We even had some sparkly Tinkerbell shirts to wear. D came up with the idea and Momma made the shirts. But then Momma walked out and left D’s shirt home and didn’t realize it until the night before we planned to wear them. My heart sank when I realized and D cried, but the girls got to wear their sparkly t-shirts to school and their check ups the day after we returned! Compromise! Whew!

tinkerbell shirts faith trust pixie dust

The girls loved all of their Disney inspired clothes. I sure can’t wait to see what we come up with for next year’s trip!

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