Disney’s Rider Swap Pass – The answer to your Disney riding dilemma

Disney World Rider Swap Pass

Are you traveling to Disney with young children and worried that you or another adult in your party may not get to experience some of the height restricted rides? Worry no more, Disney has thought about you. All you have to do is ask for a rider swap pass when you go to enter the ride and voila! Everyone will get to ride.

The Rider Swap pass is basically a paper fast pass for a height restricted ride that can be used by another adult in the party with up to 3 additional guests.  You can use it immediately following the first ride or later on in your trip. We got ours on both October 21st and 22nd and they all had an expiration date of October 31st.

For our particular situation, we had 2 adults and 2 children, one of which was not tall enough to ride any height restricted rides. We booked fast passes for the height restricted rides for one of us and D. Then we got a rider swap pass, and then the other one of us rode with D a second time. We both got to experience the rides with her and it was amazing!

One thing to remember is that all of you must go to the ride entrance when requesting the rider swap. We didn’t realize that we all needed to be present before first trying to utilize this. But we learned and all of us would walk together and request the pass and then we would split. It all worked out and I am SO thankful Disney gives this Rider Swap option!

Disney really knows how to throw a little extra magic in the mix with their Rider Swap option.

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