Daddy-Daughter Valentine’s Date!

Daddy Daughter Valentine's Date

This year for Valentine’s Day B and I had planned to dress our littles up in fancy dresses and take them on a date. Valentine’s Day is about love and there is no one in this world we love more than our babies. B said he was totally fine with the Valentine’s plans I made for us. I knew he was, but I also felt kind of bad for changing his idea of his beloved Valentine holiday.

But as life would have it, due to some complications in an earlier scheduled Wisdom Teeth removal, I had my wisdom teeth removed in the hospital Valentine’s Day Morning. Everybody’s idea of a romantic Valentine’s date, right?

Valentine's Date Ideas

I half expected B to use my surgery as an excuse to have a one-on-one date with the remote. But nope, that didn’t happen. Two nights before my surgery, he went to the store and bought supplies for a Valentine’s Date night in.Date Night In Ideas

He bought a pink table cloth, red plates, a rose, and pulled out the champagne glasses we used the day we got engaged (filled with sparkling grape juice). My sweet husband decided he was taking our girls on a date night in for Valentine’s Day. It was so sweet to watch them enjoy a date night, even with a minor meltdown from M.

D said, “I feel like we are in a fancy restaurant. I love how Daddy set it up for us. It is just so neat!” “Daddy, I love this big dinner. Thank You!”

Daddy Daughter Date Ideas

Bryan sure knows how to treat his girls, and our girls will have a great example to follow when it comes to choosing their future Valentines! I am truly blessed!

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