Dealing with Food Allergies while at a Birthday Party

Food Allergies Birthday Party

D and I headed to a birthday party for one of her little friends the other day. She was so excited and I love taking her to birthday parties and seeing her excitement as she plays with her friends. The kids played, they hit the piñata, and then it was time for cake and ice cream!

As soon as  “happy birthday” was over, the older kids started handing out the cupcakes to our little ones. They had chocolate and vanilla.  I quietly asked the mom if there were any nut products in the cupcakes and asked D to hold off on eating hers until we knew for sure what was in them.  The mom immediately called to check on the ingredients and D patiently waited and watched as all of her friends dug into their cupcakes (yes, my heart breaks a little each time this happens). Luckily the cupcakes checked out and no nut products! Whoo! I told D she could eat her cupcake. She took her first bite while her friends were all getting up to go play. Of course, she wanted to go play, and the cupcake was left with 2 small bites taken out of it. I know I could have asked about the ingredients sooner, and just as soon as I think we have this nut allergy thing down, I realize there is still more to learn and adjust.

We keep our house nut free. When we have people over, we ask that they not bring any nut products with them. We want our house to be a safe zone. It is crucial that our house be a safe zone. We can’t walk anywhere outside of our own home that we won’t have the possibility of coming into contact with something that potentially harm our child. Until you become “that” mom, you can’t really understand.

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