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24-48 Hour Life Shifts

24-48. 24-48. I literally live my life in 24 and 48 hour segments. Every 48 hours, my husband wakes up, gets ready for work, drops one of our children off at daycare, and then I won’t see him again for at least 24 hours. Every 48 hours, our household schedule changes. Sure, we’ve somewhat grown Continue Reading

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

For D’s second birthday, I decided to tone down the party. Don’t worry, she still had the sweetest little Minnie Mouse Birthday Party outfit and hand painted Minnie Mouse shoes, but when it came to the cake, I decided I would make Minnie Mouse Cupcakes. This was long before my homemade cake days, but they Continue Reading

First Birthday Pictures

Rubber Duck First Birthday Party

First Birthdays seem to be a really big deal, and we have had large, themed parties for both of our girls’ first birthdays. For D’s First Birthday, we had a rubber duck themed party. I really didn’t want a lot of pink and D was obsessed with Sesame Street’s Ernie singing Rubber Ducky in the Continue Reading

Kids Pants Tutorial

Candyland Themed Outfit

It’s spirit week at Davyn’s school and this year they are basing all days on popular board games. So cute, right? Scrabble, Life, Candyland, and Battleships – for Scrabble, wear the first letter of your name; Life, dress for your future career; Candyland, dress for sweet dreams; and battleships, dress in your favorite school color! Continue Reading

daughter sixth birthday

Running with Grammar

One thing I pride myself on is using correct grammar (for the most part). I remember as a child how my parents always corrected us on our incorrect use of grammar. I HATED it, besides I swore my parents were the only ones. My friends’ parents weren’t horrible correct grammar pushers. Their parents were COOL! Continue Reading

daughter sixth birthday

ONE Baby

I told Davyn she could take ONE baby to church. She came out with these four. Me: Dav, I said you could take one baby! Davyn: I know, mom! I only have one baby! This is a baby, a monkey, a bear, and a princess!! Touché, smart girl, touché!