Candyland Themed Outfit

It’s spirit week at Davyn’s school and this year they are basing all days on popular board games. So cute, right? Scrabble, Life, Candyland, and Battleships – for Scrabble, wear the first letter of your name; Life, dress for your future career; Candyland, dress for sweet dreams; and battleships, dress in your favorite school color!

For Candyland Thursday, I really wanted to make her a cute, original Candyland Outfit so I set out to find candy themed fabric. I went to JoAnn’s online and they had some pretty blue, glittery, candy covered fabric. Unfortunately they did not have it in my closest store, but about 25 miles down the road, they did; and since my closest store is over 30 miles from me anyway, what’s an extra 25 miles? And hey, great excuse for an impromptu date night!

Kids Pants Tutorial

Check out the tutorial on how to make these perfectly sweet pants HERE!

You can also see the making of this sweet and spicy shirt HERE!

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