Buttermilk Substitute

It’s Saturday morning and you are set and ready to make your pancakes. You start getting everything together and realize you have no buttermilk. What? You promised the kids pancakes for breakfast. Your oldest daughter is still sleeping, you are not presentable to head out to the store, and your husband is at work. What is a panicked momma to do?

Stop. Take a deep breath. Open your refrigerator.

You’ll need a scant cup of milk (2%, whole, cream, whatever you have.) and 1 Tbsp of vinegar or lemon juice.

Take out a measuring cup and add 1 Tbsp. to your choice of lemon juice or vinegar.
Add milk to the lemon juice to make it an even 1 cup.
Stir and let sit for a few minutes

Voila! You can now make your pancakes and enjoy the rest of your morning!

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