Allergies for Everyone

Since before Millie was born, Bryan and I made the decision to keep all peanuts, tree nuts, and seafood out of her diet. It’s not that we want to deprive her of these wonderfully delicious staples of a southern girl’s diet, but because of Davyn’s and Bryan’s food allergies, we don’t stock any nut or seafood products in the house. We also know that she has a higher chance of producing a severe food allergy due to her family history and because we can’t have her tested yet, we’d rather be safe than sorry. And the way I see it, Millie will be raised as if she has the same allergies that her sister and daddy suffer from because we do not eat those foods in order to avoid the chance of a contact reaction.

When Millie started eating foods, Davyn asked me what she would be allergic to and I told her that we don’t know and she might not be allergic to anything. We will have to wait until she is older to find out. She of course questioned why some people have allergies and some don’t. She didn’t think it was fair that she couldn’t have things that other children have (I mean a pb&j sandwich is like a rite of passage for kids isn’t it?).

Well a few days passed and Davyn came back to me and said, “Mom, I’ve decided that Millie is going to be allergic to chocolate. Then I can have all of the chocolate candy.” If only allergies were that simple.

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